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Scarlett's Sweet Sixteen

Scarlett's sixteenth birthday is coming up on November 28, 2004 and we here at Sparklet are putting together a project to help make her Sweet Sixteen memorable. However, to make it wonderful, we'd like your help!

The first part of the project is a memory scrapbook that we will create for Scarlett. We invite you to submit letters to Scarlett and pictures (of yourself, your pets, your hometown, or whatever you'd like) for us to put together in the scrapbook. Heather will collect the items for the scrapbook, so please email her at for information on how to submit the items.

The second part is a fundraiser for the American Lung Association. The ALA works for the prevention and treatment of breathing conditions such as lung disease and asthma. This charity is very important to Scarlett, as her grandfather died of lung disease when she was young. All funds collected will be donated in one lump sum in Scarlett's name to this organization.

If you would like to send a direct monetary donation toward our fundraiser, you can pay via credit card or echeck on by sending the money to Paypal is simple, safe, and easy to use. Or, you can mail a check, cash, or money order to Heather. Again, contact her at for information.

We will also be holding ebay auctions which will go toward the fundraiser. If you have items you wish to donate to the auctions, please contact Heather. Or, just keep your eyes posted to Sparklet or the Scarlett Pomers Club on Yahoo (, as we will be letting you know when the charity auctions are up so you can bid!

We hope that you will at least be able to send in letters and photos to make the scrapbook extra special for Scarlett, and we also hope that you will be able to give to the fundraiser for the American Lung Association to be donated in Scarlett's name. We know that Scarlett's birthday is a long way away, but it is a big project that will take a long time to put together, so we would appreciate it if you could send letters, pictures, and donations at your earliest convenience. We'll be giving you periodic updates on the progress of the project in the coming months.

Current ebay auctions benefiting the charity for the Scarlett Pomers birthday project:

Scarlett Pomers-Star Trek: Voyager's Naomi Wildman AUTO

Scarlett Pomers 8x10 EARLY FULL LENGTH candid

Scarlett Pomers 8x10 BEAUTIFUL CLOSEUP candid

GORGEOUS set of three 4x6 candids Scarlett Pomers


BEAUTIFUL CANDIDS Scarlett Pomers set of 3 4x6

Scarlett Pomers 8x10 FULL LENGTH candid



Scarlett Pomers GORGEOUS 8x10 4x6 SET of TWO! Candids

Scarlett Pomers BEAUTIFUL 8x10 4x6 SET of TWO! Candids