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KFRG Radio Interview

On January 31, 2003, Scarlett conducted a radio tour to country music stations around the nation while recording music for her new album. This is the transcript from the interview conducted by the Los Angeles radio station KFRG.

KFRG:Kyra Hart on Reba, Friday nights on the WB.Youíve been at this Ė this is your second season now.

Scarlett:Yup, itís going really good.

KFRG:That is what has been so cool about this show.I remember how all the TV critics were turning their noses up when they heard Reba McEntire had a sitcom and said, ďOh, thisíll be off in six weeks.ĒBut you guys are doing great!

Scarlett:Yeah, itís getting better each time, you know, weíre getting more viewers each week.

KFRG:That is so cool.

Scarlett: And the scripts are getting even better, and the actors are getting better too.

KFRG:Is there going to be a third season?Do you know yet?

Scarlett: We donít know yet, but weíre pretty sure there is.You know, our ratings are going and everybody I talk to says they love the show and they love the direction itís going.

KFRG:Very interesting.Scarlett Pomers is here on the K-FROG celebrity phone.Tell you what, weíre going to take a quick check of the traffic.

(The station took a break from the interview to do traffic, weather, and commercials.)

KFRG:Weíve got Scarlett Pomers, who is on a TV show that some of you may have tuned into on Friday nights, Reba.She plays Kyra on the TV show.Fourteen years old!Youíre fourteen, and youíve got a better resume than half the people in Hollywood.

Scarlett:Itís actually pretty cool to say that I have a job at fourteen.

KFRG:Well, you see Scarlett every Friday night playing Kyra, one of Rebaís kids, and a lot of people saw you in the movie Erin Brockovich.Who were you in Erin Brockovich?

Scarlett:I played one of Marg Helgenbergerís children.

KFRG:Yeah, one of the children from the desert who got sick.

Scarlett:Yeah.Actually, it was pretty cool because during one of the scenes with a lot of extras, two of the people were me, who I was playing, and her sister, who another girl was playing.So it was cool because I got to meet the girl that I was playing.

KFRG:Now, youíre calling us from Nashville because youíre working on an album, right?

Scarlett:Yes, I sure am.

KFRG:Is it a country album or R&B, or what are you doing?

Scarlett:Itís pretty rock.Itís really edgy, itís really fun.

KFRG:Well, does it help to know Reba to be able to get some studio time in Nashville?

Scarlett:Well, yeah, I was actually thinking how I wish she was here.We could go site-seeing.

KFRG:Is it a little bit intimidating to be working with someone like that?Because sheís almost the model for what you want to do.Sheís had a great singing career, and now she has a great acting career too.

Scarlett:No, sheís not intimidating at all. Sheís very, very sweet.Itís really cool. You can learn a lot from being around her.She just has this way that she carries herself and sheís just sweet to everyone and treats everyone equally.Itís just great to see that.

KFRG:Scarlett, we donít have much time, but can you give us just a brief capsule of whatís going to happen with Kyra this season?

Scarlett:Well, sheís definitely getting farther from Reba, and sheís getting closer with Barbara Jean actually.Itís kind of a weird twist, you know, theyíre very opposite people.But something they find in each other helps develop a really great friendship.You know, Kyraís starting to come to Barbara Jean after she has fights with her mom or her sister.

KFRG:Now, youíre going to make sure nothing happens to Kyra like happened to Cheyenne, arenít you?

Scarlett:Uh, no.I donít think thatíll be happening.

KFRG:Scarlett, you are just great on the show.I canít wait to hear your music.

Scarlett:Thank you!

KFRG:We appreciate your call, sweetie.