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The Hollwood Reporter

Ones to Watch

Written by Hilary Atkins

Scarlett Pomers considers herself one lucky high school freshman. Not only does she have a steady job - she plays Reba McEntire's smart, sarcastic daughter Kyra on the WB series "Reba" - but she adores the on-set teacher who has been with her for five years.

This is 15-years-old Pomers' second gig as a series regular. She played Naomi Wildman on UPN's "Star Trek: Voyager" for three seasons until the show ended in 2001. "I was the only kid on the ship, half alien and half human, and had little horns on my forehead," she recalls, laughing. "I used to go to a lot of conventions. The fans are so sweet, just the nicest people."

From the age of 3, Pomers knew she wanted to be a performer, "I was just a loud, rowdy, outoing kid, and I talked a lot, which is perfect for being in commercials," she says. Growing up in Orange County, Calif., her family moved to Los Angeles when Pomers got a role in the 1998 Sony film "Slappy and the Stinkers." Roles in other films followed, including Miramax's "Happy, Texas" (1999), the ABC telefilm "Gepetto" (2000) and Universal's "Erin Brockovich" (2000).

Music is the next frontier for Pomers, whose role model is Stevie Nicks. "I feel like I've conquered acting. One of my biggest passions is singing, and right now I'm recording an album of rock music," she says. "I play guitar and drums and I write all my songs."

When she's not acting or singing, she can be found on the back of a horse. An equestrian since she was 6, Pomers owns an Icelandic horse named Loki. "I do English riding, and I'm hoping to do some more competitions," she says. Although competition is a favored pastime, Pomers' love of animals goes beyond that, "I've rescued dogs and a horse that was unwanted. I can't stand to see an animal go unloved!"