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Season One

Episode 1: Pilot
Guest starring: Nell Carter (Dr. Susan Peters), Bret Loehr (Bret), Jorge Luis Abreu (Photographer)

The Hart family are in court-ordered therapy, brought on by the separation of Brock and Reba Hart. While in therapy, Brock reveals that he is planning on marrying his dental hygienist/assistant< Barbara Jean, who is pregnant. Brock and Reba’s 17-year old daughter reveal that she is pregnant and is planning on marrying her boyfriend, Van, the all-star football player. Reba organizes a shotgun wedding, having to fight Cheyenne about which wedding dress she should wear: Reba’s or the sexy dress Cheyenne wants. Van’s parents kick him out of the house, and moves in with the Harts.

Episode 2: The Honeymoon’s Over or Now What?
Guest starring: Nell Carter (Dr. Susan Peters) Julia Duffy (Mrs. Hodge)

Cheyenne and Van’s principal, Mrs. Hodge, visits the Hart home to tell them about a special school for pregnant mothers. When Reba insists Cheyenne will remain at the school, Mrs. Hodge tells them it isn’t a suggestion and suspends Cheyenne for 3 weeks. Van also stays at home in protest of Cheyenne’s punishment, and Reba believes that they will both be allowed back in because the school needs Van to win the football championship. Mrs. Hodge finally comes back allowing Cheyenne back in. Cheyenne isn’t sure she wants to go because before she got pregnant and married, she was a role model for young girls. Reba convinces Cheyenne that standing up for what you believe in makes you a role model, and Cheyenne returns to school.

Episode 3: Someone’s at the Gyno with Reba
Guest starring: Nell Carter (Dr. Susan Peters) Cherie Franklin (Nurse)

Van moves some of his stuff into the room he shares with Cheyenne, but a lot of it is in bad taste or unacceptable (like cheerleading posters). Cheyenne and Van get in a fight because of his stuff. Cheyenne and Reba visit the gynecologist and they discover Cheyenne has the same one as Barbara Jean. Cheyenne also accuses Reba of being controlling, so Reba goes to see a therapist. The therapist tells Reba she should do things for herself, and Reba decides to go to a movie leaving the kids to fend for themselves. Cheyenne calls Brock in a panic. While he is there, Brock corrects Cheyenne about the assumption that Reba’s controlling behavior drove him away. When Reba returns, Cheyenne apologizes.

Episode 4: You Make Me Sick
Guest starring: Dylan Charles (Robbie) Julia Campbell (Caroline)

Cheyenne begins to experience morning sickness and Van is getting tired of it. Jake has problems playing with his friend at home because the mom believes objectionable things go on at the Hart house. While at Brock and Barbara Jean’s condo, BJ reveals to Cheyenne that she hides her morning sickness to make Brock happy. But that doesn’t work and Cheyenne admits she still feels awful. Reba attempts to make up for Jake not being able to play with his friend, but the other mom comes over and apologizes for not trusting Reba.

Episode 5: The Steaks are High
Guest starring: Troy Evans (Coach Harrell) Rini Bell (Luanne) Shanola Hampton (Marci) Erik Aude () Lesley Magy ()

Van asks Reba to host the pre-game dinner, which his a big deal for his high school. Reba goes to great lengths to make it the best dinner, following the Pre-game Handbook to the letter. But Cheyenne accidentally buys the wrong potato salad and when the team finds out, Reba lies and says that she bought the wrong salad. They believe they will lose. During the break before second half, Cheyenne arrives to say she’s the one who bought the wrong salad and apologize but it doesn’t help, until Reba arrives with what the team believes to be the real potato salad. However, Reba just switched the labels and it was really the same salad.

Episode 6: The Man and the Moon
Guest starring: Greg Evigan (Bill the Plumber) Olivia Allen (Cheyenne's friend #1) Jason Strickland (football player) Marisa Theodore (Cheyenne's friend #2)

Reba’s kitchen disposal is broken, and after Brock unsuccessfully tries to fix it, Reba calls a plumber. Meanwhile, Cheyenne goes out with friends and moons some of Van’s friends. Kyra discovers pictures on the internet where people are voting on best butt. Van tells all his friends he’ll kick their butt if they vote for Cheyenne. Cheyenne feels bad because she thinks no one will find her attractive as she gets bigger. Kyra also tells Reba that her outing with the plumber to buy a faucet was a “date”, but Reba doesn’t believe her. When they get home, the plumber tries to kiss Reba but Reba tells him she isn’t ready.

Episode 7: Tea and Antipathy
Guest starring: Robin Riker (Mrs. Montgomery)

Cheyenne and Van decide to move out and get an apartment, but they need money. Brock and Reba turn them down, so they go to Van’s parents. Van returns with a new truck and an offer to move back, but discovers that the offer was for him and not his wife. Meanwhile, Kyra lies and cancels plans with her dad. Barbara Jean sets up visit to a tea party store for the two of them, but they are incredibly uncomfortable and end up going to see a movie where they don’t have to talk to each other. Reba goes with Van to the Montgomery’s to straighten things out, but Reba ends up being insulted by Van’s dad for letting her daughter get pregnant. Van sticks up for Reba and returns the keys to the truck, telling his dad that Reba was a better “father” than he ever was.

Episode 8: Don't Know Much About History
Guest starring: Kat Sawyer (Yoga Lady) Patrick T. O'Brien (Mr. Devaney) Shawn Pyfrom (Byran)

Kyra decides she doesn’t want to play her clarinet anymore. She decides to take up the tuba so she can practice with a cute boy named Bryan. Van is having trouble at school and since he failed a test, he won’t be able to play. Brock tries to tutor but doesn’t do any good, so Reba takes over. She discovers that Van is so stressed with football, school, marriage and a baby on the way that he can’t remember any facts. He studies much better, but still fails. After Brock gets him another make-up exam, but Van discovers he also likes acting and instead plays Scout #4 in “The Alamo Experience” instead of playing the game. Van finds out the team wins, and decides he might try out for the Spring play too. Kyra brings home Bryan to practice, but discovers that he really likes her friend.

Episode 9: Every Picture Tells a Story
Guest starring: : Park Overall (Lori Ann) Kevin Dean Williams (Man) Charlie Zigler (Keith)

Reba’s best friend Lori Ann moves back into town and does not get along with Brock. Lori Ann urges Reba to get rid of some of Brock’s stuff, and while holding a garage sale to get his stuff out of the garage, they discover a photo of BJ and Brock at a dentist convention. Reba believes that Brock cheated on her before he moved out of the house, but after talking to BJ, Reba finds that BJ has had a history of affairs with dentists which is why she was at the conference. Meanwhile Cheyenne feels the baby kicking, and Van decides to become super-dad. He pampers Cheyenne, and she loves it, but he wants her to be the best mom too. Cheyenne urges Van to relax a little and enjoy his pre-fatherhood time.

Episode 10: When Good Credit Goes Bad
Guest starring: Park Overall (Lori Ann) Blair Garner (Security Guard)

While having lunch with Lori Ann, Reba finds that her credit card has been declined. Reba discovers her card has $4000 for diamond tiara and $175 for a religious store. When she confronts Barbara Jean about it, Reba is shocked to find that Brock and BJ are planning getting married secretly at a dental convention in two weeks- all Reba has to do is sign a form saying their divorce is final. Later, Reba gets a call from BJ who has been arrested by the mall police for using Reba’s stolen credit card. Reba convinces BJ she should having the wedding of her dreams instead of rushing into it, and Brock tells Reba that they’ve decided to have the wedding at home. Meanwhile, Cheyenne pretends to be Reba when Kyra’s principal calls saying she wasn’t as school. Using it as blackmail, Cheyenne and Van use it to get Kyra to do their chores. Kyra finally admits what she did to her mom, and Reba lets it slide.

Episode 11: Meet the Parents
Guest starring: Barry Corbin (JV, Reba's father) Dorothy Lyman (Helen, Reba's mother)

Reba’s parents are in town for a visit. Van’s worried that his grandparents-in-law will disapprove of him because of Cheyenne’s pregnancy and the marriage, but Reba’s mother tells him that they too got married young. While Reba’s mother is talking about what makes a good marriage, Reba feels bad about the divorce. She tells Brock he can come visit, but to leave Barbara Jean at home. Barbara Jean comes anyway, and Reba’s mother discovers she likes to bargain shop so the three go shopping. Reba thinks her mom likes BJ more, but Reba’s mom explains that it isn’t true and that’s she’s proud that Reba has let BJ into her life.

Episode 12: A Mid-Semester's Night Dream
Guest starring: Julia Duffy (Mrs. Hodge)

Reba announces that she’s going back to work as a substitute teacher. Her first day at Cheyenne and Van’s high school is full of pranks, but she loves it. Two of Cheyenne and Van’s friends are at the house and they tell Reba they are planning to get married. Reba asks why and they say it’s because they want to have sex and because Cheyenne and Van look like they have so much fun. Reba tells them that they don’t need to get married to have sex. Reba gets Van and Cheyenne to tell them about how hard it is to be married teens. Later, Cheyenne and Van start arguing about why they even got married. Things get worse when Reba gets fired by the principal because the principal thinks Reba told Cheyenne’s friends to have sex. Even when Reba explains that’s not what happens, she is fired because having two married pregnant teens is a bad example. Reba is sad about not working, but Van and Cheyenne work everything out.

Episode 13: Brock's Swan Song
Guest starring: John Brady (Mr. Hudson) Kenneth Choi (Officer Aoki)

Cheyenne and Van discover they are having a girl. Van doesn’t feel he will be a good dad to a girl. Brock finds out that his father has died, but even though they never got along, he feels his dad deserves a proper burial. BJ wants to throw a big, elaborate funeral. Reba convinces Brock not to do it and helps bury his ashes at the golf club where he spend a lot of time. But the two end up getting arrested. While at the police station, Reba helps Brock come to terms with his dads death. Jake has nightmares about death, and Van helps reassure him. Cheyenne tells Van that both boys and girls need that kind of reassurance and that he’ll be a great dad.

Episode 14: The Story Of A Divorce
Guest Starring: Peter Scolari (Parker Reynolds) Julia Duffy (Mrs. Hodge) Park Overall (Lori Ann)

Reba receives the final divorce papers. Lori Ann tells Reba she should get back into the dating scene. Reba decides to go out with an old beau from college. But he is a lousy kisser and there are no sparks, so Reba decides not to see him again. Kyra scares Jake by telling him that Reba’s date will be their new “Daddy” and that Reba will have to change Jake’s last name to his.

Episode 15: You May Kick The Bride
Guest starring: Lisa May (Woman)

Barbara Jean and Brock are getting married, but Barbara Jean is very nervous. She asks Reba for help because BJ wants Reba’s blessing for the marriage even though Reba has no intention of going. Kyra doesn’t want to go either, but Reba eventually convinces her to go. While Reba’s there, she steps on Barbara Jean’s train. She tries to fix it but ends up sewing herself to the dress, forcing herself to walk down the aisle with Barbara Jean.

Episode 16: Vanny Dearest
Guest starring: Robin Riker (Mrs. Montgomery)

Van is named the football "player of the year" but he really wants his parents to be there to share in his glory. Reba encourages his parents to come to the ceremony. Van's mom Sue attends the awards ceremony and decides to become Super Mom. This causes Cheyenne to get upset over Van's new mama's boy behavior. After Sue moves out of her house and spends all her time with Reba, Reba encourages Van to move on.

Episode 17: He's Having a Baby
Guest starring: Park Overall (Lori Ann) Niecy Nash (Maya) Dennis Burkley (Fred)

Van and Cheyenne sign up for Lamaze class. Cheyenne hates it, but Van loves it. She lies about having to finish a term paper, so Reba agrees to go with Van. But they are horrified to discover that BJ and Brock have signed up for the same class. Reba and Brock get into a huge fight and Reba hits Brock with a plastic baby. When Reba discovers Brock is in the hospital, she runs to apologize. But she discovers he is really there because he hurt his toe building a crib for BJ’s baby.

Episode 18: She Works Hard For Their Money
Guest starring: Myrna Niles (Gladys Horsted) Park Overall (Lori Ann) Brandy Norwood (Mystery Caller (uncredited))

Reba throws a baby shower for Cheyenne and she tells Brock to buy something practical. Reba gives Cheyenne a quilt she spent the last 8 months making out of Cheyenne's old baby clothes. Brock walks in and hands Cheyenne the keys to a used car. Reba is very upset because they agreed the kids could get a new car when they can pay for half. Cheyenne and Van need to pay for their half of the car before they can use it. Cheyenne starts doing work around the house and Van takes a job at a pizza place. Van is promoted to pizza delivery driver, so Reba has to do the driving because she won’t let Van have the car yet. Exhausted because she is basically doing Van’s job, Reba writes a check for their half of the car and calls it a baby shower gift. When they run out to sit in their car, Brock questions her change of heart. Reba explains that now the kids are going to think she gave them the car that Brock bought for them, and rips up the check she wrote.

Episode 19: . Labor of Love (a.k.a. BJ Has Her Baby)
Guest starring: Casey Sander (Gust Dorrier) Chad Einbinder (Dr. Schmidt) Zilah Mendoza (Nurse)

Reba convinces Brock to go on a camping trip while the scout from University of Southern California is recruiting Van. She doesn’t want Brock to convince Cheyenne and Van to move away. Cheyenne goes into false labor, but while at the hospital, BJ goes into labor. Reba has to drive out to find Brock and bring him back to the hospital, but they end up missing it. BJ delivers a boy who they name Henry Charles Jesus Hart. Cheyenne and Van decide to attend the University of Houston to stay close to family.

Episode 20: The King and I
Guest starring: Park Overall (Lori Ann) Katrina Law (Morgan Brooks) Jacob Lavin (Dennis Dugan) Jonathan Dankner (William) Todd Bosley (Bart)

Van and Cheyenne are both nominated for Prom King and Queen. Cheyenne is thrilled the students looked passed the pregnancy. Van discovers that the mean cheerleader will probably win, so Van does a huge lobbying campaign for the dorky kids in school. Cheyenne wins but finds out that Van bought the votes and really won because of Van’s popularity. She runs home, and Van follows. They end the evening dancing in their living room.

Episode 21: Up a Treehouse With a Paddle

Brock feels bad for neglecting Jake because of the baby, so he decides to build a treehouse. Jake gets impatient waiting for it to be built, so Reba and Van build it. Brock then promises to spend the first night with Jake in it, but BJ arrives with a crying baby because she is unable to get it to sleep. Brock has to leave with baby Henry and Jake is upset. Brock apologizes for not being a good dad, and Van takes his place and spends the first night with Jake.

Episode 22: It Ain't Over till the Red-Head Sings
Guest starring: Julia Duffy (Mrs. Hodge)

It is graduation day, and the principal stops by to give Cheyenne her diploma, assuming she is too pregnant to go. But Reba insists that Cheyenne will attend the ceremony. Kyra notices Cheyenne is acting funny and figures out that Cheyenne is in labor, but promises not to say anything. During the ceremony, the labor pains get worse and Reba figures out that Cheyenne is in labor. Van carries Cheyenne across the stage to get the diploma, and then they leave for the hospital. Van and Cheyenne insist on doing the delivery on their own, but in the middle, Cheyenne screams for her mom. Cheyenne delivers a little girl and Reba sings a special song.

*Note: We do not discover until Season 2 that the baby has been named Elizabeth.