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Season Two

Episode 23: House Rules
Guest starring: Penny Nickels (Mrs. Pruden), Taj Stewart (Davey)

Reba suspects that Brock and Barbra Jean letting the kids do whatever they want, so she begins to spy to find out what they really do when the kids aren’t with her. Kyra begins to play double-duty, reporting to her mom about what goes on at her dad’s condo (although she doesn’t necessarily tell the whole truth). Cheyenne and Van are having a hard time with Elizabeth, their 3-month-old baby who will not stop crying. They fight over the constant attention they need to give their newborn baby girl but Reba comes up with a plan to get the baby to sleep and give the new parents some much-needed rest.

Episode 24: Skating Away
Guest starring: Chip Chinery (Jeff), Robert Lee Neely II (Louis), Lizette Carrion (Halle), Mark Ankeny (Doctor)

Cheyenne, Van and Elizabeth move into the dorms at University of Houston. Reba attempts to spend some quality time with Kyra, who is growing distant, by deciding to go roller skating. Cheyenne and Van discover they’ve been kicked out because Van lost his scholarship due to an injury. They call Reba with the emergency and Reba must bail out on Kyra, though she promises to spend more time with her. In the end, Cheyenne, Van and Elizabeth move back to the Hart house, with Cheyenne continuing her education at University of Houston.

Episode 25: Proud Reba

Reba decides to find a job but soon learns that her many years of experience as a mother do not qualify her for most jobs. Cheyenne and Van happily announce that they've applied for food stamps, but Reba is furious they’ve given up so soon. She marches down to the food stamps office and demands that Cheyenne and Van be taken off the list, but ends up signing herself up for food stamps realizing she can’t do it alone. Brock offers Reba a job at the office working for Barbara Jean, and she reluctantly takes it.

Episode 26: Reba Works for Brock

Reba begins working for Barbara Jean at Brock’s office but has problems dealing with the way BJ handles certain things. She tries to deal with it, but becomes more frustrated when BJ begins to complain to Reba that Brock is neglecting her. Reba tries to counsel both of them, albeit very awkwardly. Back at home, Cheyenne goes back to college and Van enjoys his opportunity to be Mr. Mom to the baby, though Cheyenne is feeling a little left out because she is at school all day.

Episode 27: It's Jake's Party, Cry if You Want to

Reba begins noticing that Kyra is teasing BJ a little too much like Reba does, so Reba decides not to make fun of BJ no matter how tempting; however, at Jake’s birthday party, BJ begins to act a little nasty, thinking that’s the way things are and should be and Reba has a little conversation with BJ to explain how she feels.

Episode 28: Safe Dating
Guest starring: Andrew James Allen (Dylan), Ben Reed (Greg Hewitt)

Kyra has a new boyfriend, and is less than thrilled when Reba begins to like her boyfriend’s newly single father. Things are complicated even more when Kyra breaks up with her boyfriend. Reba soon realizes that things are very “like father, like son”, seeing as how both son and father are emotionally unstable.

Episode 29: Mommy Nearest
Guest starring: Dan Castellaneta

When Reba goes to work full-time for Brock's rival, Jake starts referring to Barbra Jean as "Mommy." Meanwhile, Van gets a new job working as a gardener, and Cheyenne can't understand why he'd rather spend time with his fellow "lawn jockeys" than the in-crowd.

Episode 30: Switch
Guest starring: Park Overall (Lori Ann), Tara Karsian (Connie), Larry Weissman (Jeff), Mark Thompson (Brian)

Reba’s been having some trouble with her love life, so Reba’s friend Lori Ann (from the first season) encourages her to try the bar. However, she is mortified when she runs into Brock, BJ, Cheyenne and Van on a double date. Cheyenne then convinces Reba to try speed dating, and everyone is shocked when she meets Brian, an actually nice guy who is interested in Reba too.

Episode 31: Ring-a-Ding
Guest starring: Mark Thompson (Brian), Dion Anderson (Big Daddy), Rachel York (Katie Ann), Colby Donaldson (Trent)

Reba begins to feel more comfortable in her relationship with Brian so she bravely invites him home to meet her family. Brock and the kids have to face Barbra Jean's family reunion in Fisheye Bottom. At the reunion, Brock is scared of Barbra Jean's gun-toting father, Big Daddy, but despite Kyra’s pleading to go home, decides to stick it out for BJ’s stake. But Barbra Jean finds herself the butt of all the jokes of her older sister and decides to put up with it until she gets a little encouragement from acid-tongued Kyra, who convinces BJ to throw a couple punches back.

Episode 32: Cookies for Santa
Guest starring: Victor Raider-Wexler (Cranky Old Man)

The Hart family decides to split up for Christmas this year. Van and Cheyenne decide to make traditions of their own by going on a trip with Elizabeth to a friend’s cabin and Kyra goes to a friend’s Christmas party. Jake is spending Christmas with Dad, who is arguing with Reba about who will give Jake his first bike. Reba is disappointed to learn she'll be spending Christmas Eve alone, but while volunteering at the homeless shelter, she learns a valuable lesson about the gifts of life by a very crusty old Santa Claus.

Episode 33: A Moment in Time

Reba suggests that the family create a time capsule and videotape private messages for Cheyenne's baby, Elizabeth, except for Kyra who wants nothing to do with the family event. Everyone is fearful about their message being heard, so they lock up the tape. When they discover someone’s moved it, they all decide to throw out privacy and watch the tape. Brock stretches the truth a bit on what really happened between him and Grandma Reba, BJ and Reba are both upset that Brock lied, Cheyenne calls Reba controlling, and the others have to agree leaving Reba hurt. Jake is upset that the baby is ruining his life. They’re all upset with each other until they see that Kyra has added an out-of-character sweet message, and they figure out that she was the one that took the tape.

Episode 34: The Vasectomy

Cheyenne and Van start the episode thinking they might be pregnant, and Reba is furious that Cheyenne would forget to take her birth control pill. Reba lays down some ground rules that infuriate Cheyenne and Van so they spend the weekend at their friends dorm to protest the new rules. Brock finds himself stuck between two angry women (again), Reba and a baby-crazed Barbra Jean, after he reveals that he had a secret vasectomy two years ago while he and Reba were trying to save their marriage.

Episode 35: The Rings

When Reba finds out she doesn’t have enough money to fix her car, she decides to sell her engagement ring on eBay. But a sentimental Brock is so upset that he buys the ring back. But Barbara Jean ends up finding the ring in his pocket and assumes it is for her. Both women are furious with Brock when they discover what has happened. Van decides he wants to buy Cheyenne a proper ring, but when he and Kyra go to the mall , he discovers he can only afford a tiny diamond. Van is embarrassed when Cheyenne shows it to everyone they know. Van doesn’t understand why she is doing that, so she explains she loves it because he gave it to her.