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Site FAQ

So, who are you?
We're fans of Scarlett. Our names are Allison, Mandi, Heather, and Steve.

Do you know Scarlett?
Nope. Mandi, Heather and Allison have met Scarlett, but we don't really know her.

Can I give you something to give to Scarlett?
Well, since we don't know her, that would probably be pretty hard to do. You can wait until her fan mail address is announced and then send it to her yourself.

Can I send you something to put on the website?
Sure. If you have news, articles, pictures, links, art, whatever, send them to us. We love getting contributions and you always get credit for it.

When was this website created?
Sparklet began construction on June 7, 2002, and it premiered on the internet June 29, 2002.

Why did you start it?
Because we love Scarlett!

Where did you get the name Sparklet?
Sparklet is Scarlett's nickname on the set of Reba.