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Trekkers: True Stories by Fans for Fans

Frankly, Scarlett

When Scarlett Pomers first appeared on Voyager as Naomi Wildman in 1998, I imediately thought that she was a very talented young girl. I began frequenting her official Web site, made a fan page of my own, and joined her fanclub on Yahoo. When I found out I'd be taking a trip to L.A. in the summer of '99, I asked Scarlett's Webmaster, with whom I'd been exchanging emails, if there was any possibility that I might be able to meet her while there. Before I knew it, it was August 12, 1999, and I was waiting at the entrance to the tram tour ride at Universal Studios, where I had arranged to meet Scarlett.

I was very nervous about what I was going to say or what she'd think of me. I was afraid I'd be too shy to say anything and we wouldn't have anything to talk about. When Scarlett arrived, she walked right up to me, extended her hand, and said with a smile, "Are you Mandi?" And I knew right away that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Both Scarlett, who was 10 years old at the time, and her mother were very friendly and talkative. Scarlett had brought me an autograph picture, and was all too happy to pose for a few pictures with me. We got on the tram tour ride, and she pointed out special places along the way, including the building where she'd done her first job at age three. I was very impressed with both her and her mother for their friendliness and courtesy. I spent about an hour with Scarlett that day, and when she had to go, she shook my hand once more saying that it had been fun to spend time with me. I don't think I'll ever meet another little girl as kind or as special as Scarlett Pomers.