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TV Guide

Chatting With... Scarlett Pomers

Written by Lauren Kanter

Looks like music-star-in-the-making Scarlett Pomers has landed the perfect gig. As country legend Reba McEntire's daughter on WB's Reba (Fridays, 8pm/ET), the 15-year-old doesn't have to go far for advice on launching her career- even though her sound is a lot less country and a little more rock and roll. "My music is closer to [the band] Evanescence," she sasy. "They're pretty edgy. Taht's what I like to go for. I like to be out there."

Do you write your own lyrics?
For one song, "This Tattoo," I wrote the lyrics myself and then I had a little help from two songwriters who have done engineering for Avril Lavigne and Liz Phair.

With all the vocal talent on your show, should we expect a musical episode?
Most of the cast claims they don't have good voices, but they would all love to do it anyway.

Is the show as funny when the cameras aren't rolling?
We goof off al the time. Steve Howey, who plays Van, is the biggest practical joker. He'll, like, rearrange my furniture when I'm doing a scene.

Sounds like you've got a great TV family. If you could join any family in TV history, which would it be?
The Addams Family. I'm really into a lot of crazy stuff, so I'd fit right in. I used to collect fake shrunken heads from Ripley's Museum. And I love Dungeons & Dragons.

And I hear you are studying belly dancing, aiming for a black belt in karate and writing a children's book.
Yep, I'm always writing and I have tons of journals. I have an orange belt in karate. And belly dancing is one of my main hobbies. Actually, my grandma was a belly dancer!